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Fabian is delighted to announce the launch of three distinct, asset-specific service products, focusing on value enhancement and commercial consistency. These products are backed by significant consulting experience in the upstream and midstream oil and gas sectors. Driven by Fabian's rigorous commercial philosophy, Fabian is confident that each service product will provide valuable commercial benefits for its clients.

Assets in Transition offers a premium commercial management service for assets requiring value-enhancing treatment during a life cycle transition phase. These phases can occur for different reasons, such as packaging for sale or purchase, redefinition of an owner's strategy, manpower constraints or competing priorities. Fabian offers both partial and complete commercial asset management, covering negotiation, asset value registers, value analysis, M&A advice, management reporting and more. Fabian consultants have developed significant expertise in each of these areas, and Fabian brings these skills together in a project management environment.

Asset Mapping is designed to move away from traditional "knowing enough" attitudes used to manage assets, and points clients towards a full understanding of an asset's value. An asset can be a field, pipeline or processing infrastructure, but it can also be a contract, a chain of rights or obligations, or an availability. Fabian expertise is used to identify what assets exist within a given client portfolio, identifying each distinct asset and identifying strategies appropriate to realising value on a systematic basis. This process can identify value creation opportunities not previously recognised, and introduces exciting opportunities for a client from within its existing portfolio.

Agreement Matrix Analysis focuses on a client's agreement "family", meaning agreements used as critical tools for managing assets, but often little understood. Fabian can offer an analysis matrix tailored to the individual client's requirements, or provide its own matrix developed from its wide experience, to disaggregate single agreements or groups of agreements into standardised formats. This process offers many benefits, including delivery of an accessible and uniform approach to all asset control agreements, demystifying complexity and providing an opportunity to manage commercial consistency more effectively despite changes in key personnel.

Each of these services offers powerful techniques to identify value, to achieve commercial consistency across a range of asset types, and to improve commercial policy and implementation. Fabian would be delighted to explain the benefits in further detail - please call for further information:

Julian Brown: 07860 216748
Jeremy Gillam: 07767 685150


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