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Historically most upstream companies have undertaken their commercial and joint venture management tasks in-house. Companies are becoming more comfortable with outsourcing this support from experienced companies who have demonstrated levels of confidentiality and competence and who provide a service which not only adds value but also minimises management costs.

drilling rigFabian is ideally placed to provide this service from London, Aberdeen and Bonn. Fabian provides quality commercial services utilising competent and experienced consultants to supplement a client's existing resource or to provide resources which are not available in-house.

The company was formed in 1996 by Julien Brown and has grown to a position where it now has several consultants advising clients, large and small, both operators and non-operators, throughout the UK.

Fabian's clients can be assured of receiving:

  • a professional and managed service
  • access to the full range of commercial skills from a single consultancy
  • the appropriate resource being allocated to the task in hand and managed by one of the directors
  • a flexible level of support located either in-house or externally (services can be provided on turn-key, full or part time, short or long term, ad-hoc or project specific basis)
  • negotiating product sales and price improvers

All our consultants are experienced oil industry professionals who together have specialist skills in:

  • commercial management and the economic development of mature field operations
  • representing the client's interests at Joint Venture Meetings
  • negotiating and preparing all commercial agreements
  • negotiating access to infrastructure
  • progressing satellite developments
  • evaluating acquisition and divestment opportunities
  • negotiating the acquisitions and divestment agreements
  • commercial management from both an operator's and non-operator's viewpoint
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Fabian ensure that clients benefit through:

  • accessing a professional consultancy with highly skilled, innovative and experienced resource
  • receiving a highly effective and efficient service
  • the creative development, management, and operation of their assets in a manner which is most appropriate to their business needs
  • flexible cost-effective relationships with low management and overhead cost

We will not accept business which could lead to a potential conflict of interest and our clear objective is to enhance our client's asset value.

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