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Julien Brown
Mobile: +44 (0)7860 216748

Managing Director

Thirty four years experience in the oil industry, twenty four of which have been in a commercial role with oil and gas companies.

Employed by BP (formally Britoil) from 1979 to 1992 before becoming an independent commercial consultant to the oil industry in 1992 and later forming Fabian Ltd. in 1996.

Significant work undertaken in the last 10 years includes:

  • Negotiation of Sullom Voe Terminal, Brent System and Ninian Pipeline System agreements.
  • Negotiation of commercial agreements for the interface of the SEAL pipeline with NTS and Interconnector and negotiation of the Leadon Gas Pipeline interfaces with Beryl and Gryphon.
  • Commercial management of mature offshore fields and transportation systems and negotiation of agreements for satellite developments both as host and client.
  • Negotiation and formation of major agreements for tying in the Atlantic and Cromarty gas fields to the SAGE gas terminal.
  • Management clients assets in NS Fields.
  • The preparation and negotiation of numerous agreements including JOA's, transportation, processing, construction & tie-in and decommissioning agreements.


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