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Max Rowe
Mobile: +44 (0)7894 600071


Twenty two years oil industry experience with a major international oil company spanning a variety of roles from technology management, economics, strategic planning, business development, non-operated and operated asset management, HSE and commercial. Now works as an independent consultant, advisor and Non-executive Director.

Employed by ConocoPhillips from 1988 to 2010 including secondment as Commercial Manager of Britannia Operator Limited from 2000 to 2006. Founded Selkie Solutions Ltd in 2010, a consultancy company working where technology and business meet. Joined Fabian as an Associate in 2011.

Key commercial related experience includes:

  • Chairman of Board of the Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF)
  • Non-Executive Director and Advisor to a number of Boards
  • Development of a company-wide quality management system
  • Responsible for technical audit and assurance
  • Development of strategic business plans
  • Negotiation of several sets of 3rd party business and related agreements (including TPA, POSA, CTA, Allocation)
  • Managed development (within budget) of two hydrocarbon allocation systems
  • Negotiation of terms for CO2 transportation and storage services
  • Chaired and participated in many Operating Committees and commercial, technical and operations sub-committees
  • Evaluated acquisition opportunities from individual wells to whole companies including attending data rooms and developing business case for executive management
  • Asset Manager (non-operated) of Gryphon, Miller, Donan, Chestnut, Audrey and (UK Operator) of Statfjord
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